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One Soul At A Time

Scared. Alone. Uncertain. 

These three words are only a few of the emotions experienced when someone has served their prison sentence and is released to experience the free world.  While it is a relief to be out of prison, many do not know where to start in the process of rebuilding their life.  With no income, no direction, and no home, many are lost as to what to do next.  This is when His Seeds and Vines Foundation steps in and helps restores lives…one soul at a time.

Every dollar that you give helps previously incarcerated men find a new path in the free world, transforming them into contributing members of society. 

Giving previously incarcerated men the HOPE and support to transform their lives and restore relationships with their families and community.

We help previously incarcerated men become positive, contributing, and self-sustaining members of the community by providing transitional housing, employment assistance, career development and mentoring opportunities to experience God’s grace and grow in faith.

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